Small Business Owner
Not a Politician!

I am running for Georgia House District 119 covering Barrow County and parts of Jackson County to restore individual rights and freedom to the people of Georgia. Please join our fight.

Our way of life is under attack, and we must stop it.

Georgians love their state, but over time, our rights as citizens are being chipped away by entrenched politicians who want to control us. When you elect me to Georgia House District 119, I will remind each and every one of them that they work for us, not the other way around.


As the son of a U.S. Army Colonel, I have lived all over the world and the United States. I have seen the suffering and degradation of people who are denied their basic human rights. That’s why I have spent my life protecting and serving our community in the military, as a small business owner and as a bail bondsman. I am determined to defend our Constitution because the rights and freedoms of Georgians and all Americans are not negotiable.

Endorsements, Certifications & Ratings:

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NRA AG Rated

Runoff Election February 28, 2023

Today is Election Day! Polls Open 7am - 7pm. Your vote counts.

The Runoff Election for Georgia House District 119 will be held on February  28, 2023 7am-7pm. Check to see if you are in the district.

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