Support Law & Order

Ensuring that constituents are safe as they go about their daily lives is the responsibility of the government – period! Our law enforcement community is the best there is. I will be a champion for law enforcement and fight to give them the tools they need to keep us safe. I will take on any social justice warrior who wants to cut funding for law enforcement, or divert funding to retraining. My years spent tracking down and returning criminals to the justice system has taught me that criminals are emboldened when the consequences for their crimes are weak. I will vote against any bill that puts criminals’ rights ahead of the rights of the victim. I will introduce legislation to increase penalties for those convicted of domestic violence crimes or crimes against seniors and children.

Public Education

Ensuring that our children have a quality education that prepares them for adult life is the most important thing we can do as legislators. I will be a watchdog over the curriculum to ensure that reading, writing, math, science and history is the focus of what our schools teach. Parents have inalienable rights over their children. They, and they alone, have the responsibility to teach their children about social issues. No school administrator should have the ability to decide otherwise. I will vote to expand Charter Schools, support home schooling, and to allow education dollars to follow students. I will vote to reward good teachers and to release those who aren’t doing the job. Our children are our future – we must ensure that Georgia’s young people are given every opportunity to succeed in adult life. When our children succeed – all of Georgia succeeds. 

Responsible Gun Ownership

I support constitutional carry and access to our second amendment right. You should not have to pay to exercise your rights. Enforcing existing gun laws and repercussions for offenders is crucial for accountability.



With a $6.6 billion dollar surplus and predictions of another surplus next Fiscal Year – I will fight to pay down Georgia’s debt and return money back to the taxpayer. I will also insist that we examine the reason we have a surplus so we can find ways to keep the money in the taxpayers’ pockets in the first place. I will fight to enact a school tax exemption for our seniors. Our seniors built our economy – we need to do everything in our power to keep them living in Georgia so they don’t flee to surrounding states whose property taxes are lower.

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